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As the saying goes

Necessity is the mother of invention. This was also the case of our candles. It was the willingness to give our family and friends a unique gift contributed to establishing Candellana. Being unable to find any incredible Christmas gift for friends and family, Marek, the owner of the company, decided to create unique candles, which would impress everyone aesthetically. Marek surrounded himself with a group of young, positive people, enthusiastic about their work and with a head full of ideas.
Design and Casting
Candellana Creating the Moulds
Candellana Pouring the Moulds

Where we draw ideas from

Thanks to the whole team’s dedication, the first candle saw the light of the day in mid-2015. Ideas usually come from our great designers or clients with sometimes surprising suggestions everywhere in the world. With our architectural and industrial design approach we make sure the emotions of these ideas can be represented in our products. We have mastered the process of creating candles by trial and error.
Candellana Style and Design
Candellana Colouring
Candellana Sculpting

From Concept to Production

Only the best is put into our candles so all raw materials involved in the candle making process come from high quality suppliers in USA and Germany. From wax to paint, everything is toxic free and natural.Everything is done in our house in Torun, Poland - so we have control on everything that we make. Thanks to using 3D printing to create our moulds, we can make candles in all forms and shapes, and preserve all the details. Every candle in unique because it is all hand-made.
Candellana Elegance
Candellana Beauty
Candellana Style

Candellana Around the World

Our candles are also one and only due to the fact that we use one of our 40 colours to paint the candles. Candellana candles have quickly been appreciated in Poland due to their unique shape. The success was confirmed when we won the 1st place in the HomeDays TopTrends 2016 competition in the Top Design category. Our candles have their fans all around the world.
Candellana Worldwide